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Having an enjoyable and successful Maine Deep Sea Fishing experience or just a relaxing cruise with any of the other charter needs to be a joint effort.  Capt. Mark's knowledge of fish species migratory habits and your personal calendar need to come together for a perfect day on Casco Bay aboard "Irish Lines."  Please review Capt. Mark's comments about each month to help with your decision.  Once your decision is made, simply click "Contact Us" .
Maine's winter months have just past, the days are still short although the sun's strength is being felt by the warmth it brings.  Bring warm clothes, waterproof foot wear and prepare for rain although don't forget sunscreen, due to the cool air you won't feel the sunburn until it is too late.  The seas are commonly still feeling the affects of southerly winds.  Mid-May to the end of June provide the best Ground Fishing action.  Although good fish can be found year round.
During June and July the ocean air around Casco Bay can still be cool.  Make sure to plan appropriately.  Ground Fishing is still commonly producing good fish with the occasional spotting of Football Tuna.  Whales, Humpbacks, Minke's and many other species will commonly be seen around the fishing grounds.
The weather is commonly comfortable but don't be fooled.  It is still smart to plan for cool weather conditions out on Casco Bay.  The migratory species, Tuna, Bluefish and Shark are becoming more prevalent and Ground Fishing action is slowing some. 
Summer is in full  swing and with it the Tuna Fishing is busting into action.  Rain and thunder storms are common place.  Capt. Mark will fish through rain, but for the safety of his passengers "Irish Lines" will be brought dockside during thunderstorms.  Remember if you catch giant tuna your charter fee will be refunded or you will be given a percentage of the fish sale.
Fall is in the air.  Tuna in the 150 - 300 pound class become more prevalent with a focused fishing effort.  Shark Fishing action is starting to build to a crescendo.  Makos, Porbeagle, Thresher, and Blues to name a few for the Deep Sea Fishing thrill seeker.  Fun and excitement abound.
The final month of the season; weather is unpredictable and the seas can become rough quickly.  The migratory species have started to turn toward the south but many large fish have been caught during this month.  Patience and the adventurous spirit make this month very rewarding.
Jigs & Reels Charter LLC offers; Tuna Fishing, Shark Fishing and Scenic Tours to include lighthouse tours, sunset charters, whale watching, geochache treasure hunts and boat delivery service.