In order to provide a more satisfying and safe charter for all involved, we need to talk about some basic safety and courtesy guidelines.
1. No mutinous acts (in other words roughhousing)
2. Smoking allowed with the following considerations:
     a. Second hand smoke downwind.
     b. No  customers find it offensive.
     c. No smoking in the head (land lubbers - bathroom).
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Jigs & Reels Charter LLC offers; Tuna Fishing, Shark Fishing and Scenic Tours to include lighthouse tours, sunset charters, whale watching, geochache treasure hunts and boat delivery service.
3. Captain Morgan has to stay on dry land (hard liquor is prohibited, no beer can be opened within the 3 mile limit and will be limited to 3 per person).  Drunkenness is not tolerated and the captain has the authority to curtail further consumption and or terminate the charter at any time without refund if one or more individuals become intoxicated or out of control.  NOTE: Intoxicated individuals will not be allowed to board the boat at the dock and deposit will be forfeited.
4. Lines up when the "big one" is caught.
5.  Cell phones and GPS Units (including - watches, cameras, cameras, electronics embedded with GPS or any handheld positioning systems) are prohibited.
6. Captain retains the right to return to the dock  at the customers expense should any of these be broken.